Shinro: Minefield

Shinro: Minefield bring the little known but highly addicting game of Shinro to your Android smartphone. Shinro is often described as a cross between SuDoKu and Minesweeper. The goal is to find all 12 hidden mines using arrows that always point to at least one mine, and the count of mines in each row and column. Shinro: Minefield features:

  • Unlimited puzzles generated on-the-fly.
  • A Tutorial walkthrough that demonstrates each move in order to solve a puzzle.
  • A full Help section describing each move technique that you will use to solve the puzzles.
  • Unlimited undo option to backtrack and reset option to start the puzzle over.

The free version is supported by ads. If they are too distracting, feel free to upgrade to the ad-free pro version, which also includes a timer that records your fastest time, and a count of the unfound mines.



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