Simpler than Simplicity Card Game (Android Wear)

The Simpler than Simplicity (2Simple) card game is a simplified version of the Simplicity card game, which is itself a simplified version of Solitaire. Perfect for an Android Wear device. The goal of this game is to end up with two stacks of 20 cards each.

Cards can only be stacked on top of cards of the same suite, and cards must be stacked in the following order: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, J, Q, K. Once a full stack of 10 (A through K) is achieved, a second Ace can be stacked on top of the King. There are 40 cards in the deck (20 of each suite, two of each card).

The game includes an easy mode and a hard mode. The difference is simple:

  • When playing on easy the deck can be cycled; when all of the cards have been drawn, the draw pile can be flipped and the cards can be drawn again in the same order.
  • When playing on hard the deck cannot be cycled; when all of the cards have been drawn, there is no choice but to use up the cards in the draw pile.

2Simple is completely free to download and play. It is based on the Timex Datalink Wristapp by Paulo Marques. Marques has achieved 90% win rate on hard mode. Can you do the same?

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